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RENT Thailand to Promote Rental Business in Thailand with "A.S.I.A." Deployed on Cloud
Responding Promptly to Needs of Japanese-Affiliated Companies with Accounting System Linked up with Rental Management System


Toyo Business Engineering Corporation (B-EN-G, head office Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President & CEO Toshinori Ishida) and INTEC Inc. (INTEC, head office Toyama, President Koju Takizawa) of IT Holdings Group announce that RENT Thailand Co., Ltd. (RENT Thailand, base Bangkok, Thailand, President Fumiaki Hasegawa), a Thai subsidiary of RENT Corporation (RENT, head office Shizuoka, Shizuoka Pref., President Junichi Tajima), which runs a comprehensive rental and leasing business of industrial equipment such as machines and vehicles including the ones for work at height, deployed "A.S.I.A." in January 2013 to innovate the accounting system. "A.S.I.A." is ERP package developed by B-EN-G for overseas bases.

RENT Thailand provides rentals for building and equipment maintenance through its premises located in Amata Nakorn Industrial Estate and Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate, located in the southeast of Bangkok. RENT Thailand is planning to expand premises in Thailand to improve their services.

In response to clients' needs for expanding their businesses, RENT Thailand has innovated the accounting system by deploying "A.S.I.A.GP", which allows the accounting system to work closely with the rental management system. The system has been built by Intec Systems Bangkok Co., Ltd., a Thai subsidiary of INTEC, and Toyo Business Engineering Thailand Co., Ltd., a Thai subsidiary of B-EN-G. The system is operated as a private cloud type system utilizing Digi-path Cloud Service of NTT Communications (Thailand). Fumiaki Hasegawa, President of RENT Thailand, says: "We have decided to deploy "A.S.I.A.", which is a multi-currency and multi-language accounting system, because we thought conventional simple systems would not be able to cope with the rapidly increasing number of transactions as a result of our premise deployment strategy. It is convenient that English language entered can be immediately changed over to Japanese language and that the status can be grasped in Japan as well. It is another reason of deploying "A.S.I.A." that the system is cost-effective and support is available locally in Japanese, Thai, and English. As we do not have dedicated IT staff, we intend to outsource system and server operation, so we have selected operation on cloud."

INTEC is a business partner of B-EN-G through B-EN-G's production control framework "MCFrame" and "A.S.I.A." It should be noted that INTEC has the largest number of people qualified as MCFrame Certified Professionals (MCCP). INTEC has an excellent track record of introducing these packages in Japan and is steadily accumulating overseas experiences in marketing the packages.

B-EN-G and INTEC will enhance sale and marketing efforts in Japan and overseas to support globalization of Japanese-affiliated companies.

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