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Rapid Deployment Cloud SolutionSolution

Especially at overseas offices, due to cost restriction and/or IT resource restriction, Cloud-based solution is also available. These are the advantages of the Cloud-based solution.

"Web Application" convenient for overseas offices

Applications are centrally managed on Cloud, and multiple language and multiple companies can be managed in a single instance, and the locales and timezones can be considered in the system design. It is available to have multiple application servers sand multiple database servers.

No program installation is required on each user's PC, but users can access A.S.I.A. GP using Web browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome) through the internet. Languages can be switched at anytime on screen, and timezones can be configured for each user.

Rapid deployment (Minimum 2 months)

Standared business flow and standard chart of account are available in Japanese, Thai and English. Standard financial statements and reports are also available. With those, users can start using A.S.I.A. GP, by attending trainings and preparing master data. Standard implementation schedule is as follows.

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