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B-EN-G values maintaining a broad antennae for trends in advanced technologies, identifying their nature, and utilizing them as quickly as possible.
This strategy brings new value to our customers by creating systems that are easier to use and more convenient.
Our solutions integrate new technologies to drive our customers' business transformation.

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Our Strengths

With technology and expertise developed through decades of industry experience, we provide optimal solutions that facilitate your manufacturing operations and give you a competitive edge.

Project Execution

A key component to keeping projects on track is good communication. We listen to our clients, get to the heart of every issue, and respond quickly to the ever-changing business environment. Our industry knowledge and project management skills ensure that every step of the project is executed quickly and reliably to achieve your business goals.

Global Support

B-EN-G has a background in global plant engineering and management. We have gained experience in over 30 countries and have established local subsidiaries and alliance partners to strengthen our service structure and support implementation projects worldwide. This allows us to offer products and services that meet global standards.


Since opening our doors in Bangkok in 2003, we have been supporting customers in Thailand and ASEAN countries for over 20 years. We have been highly evaluated for our full support in Japanese, English, and Thai, and have a track record of implementation for more than 300 customers in Thailand, mainly Japanese companies.

■ Installation Locations
 Bangkok Metropolitan Region (BMR)
  Bangkok, Samut Prakan, Samut Sakhon,
  Pathum Thani
 Eastern Area
  Rayong, Chonburi, Chachoengsao,
  Ayutthaya, Nakhon Ratchasima
  Chiang Mai



mcframe ERP

The mcframe ERP Series provides a user-friendly system for important operations such as Production, Sales, Cost, and Accounting Management.
It also has the flexibility to follow changes in the value chain, such as the revision or elimination of masters and consolidation of group companies.


mcframe 7/CS
Mcframe 7/CS has a wide range of core manufacturing operations such as sales, production, and cost management. Functions used can be expanded in stages according to the scope and level of operations at overseas sites. It can also be used to support internal controls at local subsidiaries, including user authority management, history management, and workflow management for ordering and placing orders and unit price applications.
mcframe GA
mcframe GA supports the global expansion of Japanese companies with its extensive group company management functions, support for local requirements, cloud-based SaaS subscription service, and extensive implementation experience. It also has sales, purchase, and inventory management functions and can be used as an integrated ERP for sales companies.
GLASIAOUS is a cloud-based international accounting and ERP SaaS service that supports multiple languages, currencies, and standards. It can be used for a wide range of purposes from bookkeeping to group business management.

Compliance with Thailand Requirements

Tax Compliance

Regarding WHT (Withholding Tax) and VAT (Value-added Tax) support, A.S.I.A. GP allows you to enter adjustment lines at the time of reconciliation. It can also handle Withholding Tax and operations to determine VAT at the time of reconciliation. Designated format files for tax returns are also available.

BOI Compliance

Foreign companies expanding into Thailand can apply to the Board of Investment of Thailand (BOI) to receive various benefits (such as corporate tax exemption for a certain period) under the "Investment Incentives Act". If a BOI application is filed, financial statements must be prepared for each approved project.
mcframe GA allows for the creation of financial statements by division (standard feature). By designating BOI-approved businesses as divisions in mcframe GA, it is possible to easily output financial statements for BOI-approved businesses.

Bank of Thailand
Automatic exchange rate acquisition function

In Thailand, it is common to use the daily exchange rate published by the Bank of Thailand. With mcframe GA, it is possible to automatically obtain the exchange rate of the Bank of Thailand and record invoices based on that rate.
Although you can manually enter the rate on the slip, being able to enter the slip based on the automatically obtained rate leads to more efficient work.

mcframe IoT

The mcframe IoT series digitalizes shop-floor intuition and experience and transforms it into explicit knowledge that can be explained, expressed, and shared. This data can then be combined and managed with an ERP or other business planning systems to help make optimal decisions.


mcframe signal chain
Consisting of business applications and IoT platform functions, mcframe SIGNAL CHAIN integrates, organizes, and formats control and execution information obtained from on-site machines and people, turning on-site know-how into explicit knowledge while supporting effective decision-making.
mcframe raku-pad
Digitalize inspection work and daily reports with tablet inputs based on current Excel formats. Utilize recorded information through dedicated reporting tools that support on-site data analysis.
mcframe motion VR-learning
This on-site work training system allows users to easily create their own realistic training content using VR technology. Conduct training, such as skill acquisition and safety awareness, anytime and anywhere.
mcframe motion Human-tracking
Using body position and movement data measured by motion tracking technology, this system helps improve the efficiency and productivity of human work. It can discover points for improvement such as work-loads, variations, and anomalies.


Since 1993, when B-EN-G introduced SAP to the first user in Japan, we have supported approximately 300 customers in their ERP implementations. We support the improvement of our clients' competitiveness based on extensive SAP know-how, business knowledge with a focus on the manufacturing industry, and technological capabilities.

Extensive Project Experience
B-EN-G has been the leading ERP provider in Japan for a quarter century, having concluded a partner agreement with SAP AG of Germany for the SAP R/2 system in 1991 and a logo partner agreement for the SAP R/3 system in 1993. Since implementing SAP at the first user in Japan in 1993, we have supported approximately 300 customers in their ERP installations.
SAP Consultants and Industry Expertise to Ensure Successful Implementation
More than 300 SAP consultants globally support our clients' SAP installations with templates and implementation methodologies based on accumulated know-how in various industries and business sectors.
Global Expansion Support
B-EN-G provided strong support for our clients' SAP global expansion, including the introduction of SAP for overseas offices and global business management, in collaboration with local subsidiaries and partner companies in each country.

Business Intelligence

B-EN-G provides the technology and strategies needed for business intelligence, transforming past, present, and projected future business data into information for better decision-making.


A database engine designed to optimize data integration and aggregation, providing the flexibility needed to utilize data in a variety of ways. Dr.Sum helps managers, data analysts, and field staff understand and leverage the data generated within their organizations to support business growth. To date, more than 7,200 companies have adopted Dr.Sum as their main data analysis tool.
MotionBoard is Business Intelligence (BI) dashboard that accelerates executives and other users' business speed, allowing them to instantly visualize and analyze various data sets in real-time. The high level of convenience and quality user experience provided by this BI business management dashboard has made it the choice of more than 3,000 companies worldwide.